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28 July 2004


My heart, why do you dream incessantly?
Searching down limitless boulevards of pain,
For reasons to believe again.

This inescapable world, my billet has been

Interminably watching these transient instants
Lurking within a weary scene.

Haunted by visions of failure

Hunted by despair’s faithful hounds
In the thousand places I hide.

I rise to a dim daybreak,

Endeavoring to rid myself
Of this momentous burden.

Burden of pain, endlessly burning.

Burden of infamy, endlessly smoldering,
Burden of breathing, a blessing from above.

Despair and rage intertwine,

Shattering tenuous bonds that bind me
o a mind, long resigned to fading.

I cannot,

No more shall I face the sun,

It’s acidic rays fill me with ache,
No more, never more.

No more my heart,

You have said your last, sung your requiem
Find yourself a tomb, to dream.

No more my heart,

You have inhaled your last,
Find yourself a veil to shroud your cradle.

No more my heart,

It ends, and thus I lay me down
Finally to hope.

No more!

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