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31 August 2004


With the arrival of the ship "Women on Waves" abortion has been thrust into the limelight once again. At this moment Abortion is illegal here in Portugal.

Abortion is one of those topics that leaves me confused. How people can on one hand argue the right to life of a serial killer, and on the other be prepared to condemn a life that hasn´t even had the chance to see the sun. Where does life start? A million dollar question. What is the diffrence between life at 1 week after birth and 1 week before birth? Does a baby born at 7 1/2 months have more rights than the same child still in the womb? And does the baby of 7 1/2 months have more right to life than a child of 5 months, 4months, 3months. Just where do we draw the line?

Shouldn´t we be out there fighting tooth and nail to force our goverments into providing conditions for all pregnant woman to have their babies.

And then I hear many screaming that a woman has the right to do with her body what she wants! Wrong. My rights start where your rights end. The mother´s rights start where the child´s rights end and vica versa.

How can we casually discuss killing a human, born or not born? Didn´t we all pass 9 months in a womb, being prepared for the outside world.

Have you ever seen an abortion?

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One final Question

If your mother had aborted you?

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