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31 March 2005


Once again the battle is waged to relax Portugal's Abortion Legislation. Once again the shouting hits the streets, the indignation, insult, accusations and general free-for-all. And once again I’m perplexed. I can't understand the importance given to the abortion debate. maybe I'm just an ignoramus...

With so many causes to fight, so many problems affecting hundreds of thousand and yet we continue to treat a "minor problem" ( 1- How many woman have stood trial for aborting? 2- How many have gone to jail for aborting?) as if it was the most urgent and decisive problem facing Portugal. We have a floundering economy (which affects us all), soaring unemployment (which affects hundreds of thousands), deficient health-care system (which serves millions) to name a few.

Or are many looking for their place in the spotlight?


Anonymous said...

Yes, Maybe you´re a littel bit ignoramus. the main fact is, that abortion has to be legal.

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