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14 March 2005


I know now,
That hope does rain
Upon the countenance
Of recognition.

The passing moments
Into years do race,
Between the trivial
That hides the ache.

Across barrens traveled,
To find the radiance of belief,
Slowly pouring it's life-giving stream
From source in you, to sea in me.

Upon a wave I leap,
Forward destiny awaits,
Behind me grays
Loves and hates uncounted.

Oh blessed hope, unforeseen joy,
From defunct life, is born anew.
Spreading it's wings
To liberate me.

You entered the frame
Changed the scene
From a moribund drama
To an enchanting reprieve.

And now to the future,
I begin to see
That circles and wheels
This life has been.
------- by Arlindo Costa

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