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28 September 2004


too soon it is morning,
rise and shine,
begins the mourning.
Greet the sun,
rapidly moving,
So much to be done
in this day of proving.
Time is fleeting,
the bullet to outrun.
Boss is waiting,
that can't be undone.
too quickly,
barely enough time.
The tie and the briefcase
are tools of the trade.
Kiss her goodbye,
with a pang of regret,
Easy to forget it all,
climb back into bed.
Out to the transport,
to join the insanity,
In a blinding instant
on the bonfire of vanity.

The ants now are marching,

No time for benevolence.
With one destination,
One goal in mind.
Get to work,
Get there on time.

Arlindo Costa


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