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09 September 2004

Handing our enemies a propaganda victory

Quoted Alienlandscape

"No, I'm not speaking of our friends on the left - their opposition to our efforts is well known. I'm speaking of the Administration, which has confirmed its uncritical acceptance of one of bin Laden's main points about Americans.

At no time has the repeal of Selective Service been contemplated. At no time has the Administration made a serious attempt to increase the number of people permitted to serve in the all-volunteer military even to Reagan-era levels.

Despite the knowledge that a larger number of troops may be needed, and more likely than not will be needed, in the years ahead, no serious attempt has been made to recruit them or to change the law in order to authorize larger numbers of them to be recruited.Nearly everyone who discusses a significantly more agressive warfighting strategy states, in terms that imply that it is self-evident, that a draft would be needed to carry it out.All of this sends the message, more loudly and clearly than bin Laden ever could, that bin Laden was right about Americans. These people are broadcasting, for all the world to hear, that they do not believe that large numbers of Americans will fight for this country except under compulsion. This is exactly the belief that encouraged bin Laden, helped him attract followers, and convinced them that they could bury thousands of our civilians under tons of rubble on our own soil with impunity. This is the belief that even now convinces the nutcases running Iran that they can send thugs to Iraq to destroy what we build and murder the builders without fearing for their own regime, and convinces them that they can safely work on nuclear weapons and not even keep it a very well-guarded secret without interference from us.We are making great strides against the enemies of civilization, but our own leaders are contributing to their morale.

This must end. Our friends on the left, such as Charlie Rangel, assert that the draft would be a good way to limit our action, prevent aggressive strategies from taking place, and cause the Administration to be restrained in its military action. Let us take them at their word, remove from everyone's mind any hint of possibility that the draft will be reimposed under any circumstances, and repeal the Selective Service Act without delay."

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