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09 October 2004

Al-Sadr disarmament

"Al-Sadr disarmament offer welcomed
Friday 08 October 2004, 18:15 Makka Time, 15:15 GMT

The government's statement was issued by Kasim Dawud (L)
Iraq's interim government has said it welcomes a proposal by Shia leader Muqtada al-Sadr's militia to disarm.

"The government welcomes the announcement by Sadr that his militia will disband, hand over their weapons, respect the authority and the unity of the state and abide by the rule of law in Iraq," said a statement issued on Friday in the name of Qasim Dawud, Iraq's national security adviser and chief negotiator.

"Unlike the old regime, this government will abide by its pledges to afford equal and fair treatment to all as well as to offer amnesty to those who have not committed crimes against the Iraqi people," the statement said. "

If the offer is genuine it is good news for suffering Iraq...

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