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04 October 2004

Kerry's Crib-notes

Seems like the story is going around that Kerry used crib-notes in the debate last Thursday night. It cracks me up the stories surrounding this U.S. Presidencial election, from both sides of the political spectrum. Between Gun-boats, AWOL, crib-notes and War records there isn't much space left for serious debating. And how do you have a serious debate when there is a contract of Thirty pages on the do's and dont's for the debate. I've always liked the U.S. but at times they do seem to take things to the extreme.

Picked the story up at Liberty Corner A post dated Sunday, October 03, 2004

"1. A single candidate's use of prepared notes could provide a distinct advantage in the debate, hence their mutual prohibition.

2. While the nature of the object is inconclusive based on the angle and resolution of the video, the rules clearly state that "[n]o ... tangible things may be brought into the debate by either candidate." That includes notes, Mont Blanc pens, magic hats, you name it."

The full story Here:(
The text of the Memorandum of understanding HERE

Seems like they both got it wrong...
Check out the Distortions and Misstatements of this debate at FACTCHECK.ORG

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