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12 October 2004

Ex-director diz que Santana pressionou jornal

"António Tavares, antigo director do jornal «Linha do Oeste», da Figueira da Foz, disse à TSF que Santana Lopes, ex-autarca da cidade, fez várias pressões para acabar com o jornal por estar desagradado com um editorial publicado."
(TSF Online)

Well, seems like here we go again. Where has this guy been for the last 6 years? Why did he choose today to come forward? This type of story puts bees under my bonnet. I am supposed to believe that António Tavares suddenley decided to let the country in on his little secret. I am worried about the Marcelo affair. Limiting freedom of speech is always worrying. but this guy looks like one of those swift-boaters in the U.S. out to make a name for himself by creating some interesting publicity.

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