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25 October 2004

Breaking News!

"Latest In

From our sources in the Prime Minister's office we have learnt that next month the government is going to be initiating substantial changes to the Portuguese Legislation.

One of the most important measures will be a 30% hike in income tax for all those earning above €2000 a month. This will be to bring the Portuguese deficit under control, thus complying with the European Union limits on state deficits. This move is likely to bring about wide ranging protests. However the government feels sure that it is the best way to improve social equality."


This is a fictional news article to prove a point. When the mass media claims sources in well placed positions I'm always left wondering about the veracity these reports. The problem with sources is that they are rarely named. The chance of confirming these sources are close to zero. Like the article above there are some options as to "Truth" behind the article.

1) There really is a source and the story is true
2) The source lied about the story and thus it is false.
3) There is no source and the story was fabricated by the actual journalist or News Entity.

How does one tell the difference between these three situations? One doesn't!

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