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12 October 2004

Is this the Future - Number of Votes proportional to Intelligence

Democratic Reform: The Perils of a Pliable Populous
by ferrethouse

Democratic Reform: The Perils of a Pliable Populous
When Kasparov challenged the world to a chess match he knew it would be one of the easiest challenges he had faced in years. Fortunately for him, most people thought that the collective minds of millions of people would provide for an entertaining chess match. Kasparov made millions, those who watched witnessed the brutal defeat of our collective mediocrity.

The recent presidential and vice-presidential debates offer a similar glimpse into the pliability of the average American mind. The fact that more Americans are swayed by the perception of who won the debate than by the actual debate itself speaks volumes about the ability of the average American to understand the issues and make judgements of their own.

Now, I wouldn't be much of a conservative if I was to argue that the elite should rule the country because they know what is best for the lowly peons but I do find it disconcerting that the debate about the issues is merely a distraction from the real contest of determining who won. Declaring a victor in these debates should be irrelevant. Every person should be making this judgement themselves and the very fact that it is debated draws light to the ignorance of most voters.

I propose a system whereby the number of votes cast is proportional to the intelligence of the voter. Every single person in the country would still be allowed to vote regardless of how stupid they are (even Michael Moore could vote) but those with an IQ above 100 would be granted an additional vote. An additional vote would be granted for every 20 points beyond 100. The IQ test would be taken at the age of 18 and would be required every 10 years. We could add complexity to this reformed democracy by deducting votes from people who watch reality television or wrestling. Anyone convicted of a crime would be punished by having negative votes and anyone who figured out that that wouldn't work would gain a bonus vote.


Food for Thought... However a High IQ doesn't even come close to guaranteeing a "good vote". This would be tantamount to a Modern Day Aristocracy!

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