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09 October 2004

Kenneth Bigley

"The life and death of Kenneth Bigley
09 October 2004

Up to the end, they had clung to hope and had shunned despair, pleading calmly and with dignity to the kidnappers. For 22 days, in public and behind the scenes, Ken Bigley's family laboured so hard; fighting an unceasing battle across the airwaves and through all diplomatic channels to secure their over-riding ambition ­ an unlikely happy ending.

Just before noon yesterday, Paul Bigley was buoyed by reports that his elder brother had been handed over from a bunch of murderous ideologues to gangsters willing to accept a ransom. "If this is the case, moving from a political situation to a monetary situation, that's a little bit of optimism," he said.

Less than an hour afterwards, the glimmer that had sustained the Bigleys through three weeks of agony was extinguished. There was to be no miracle for Ken Bigley."

The world continues to experience a wave of terror which leaves many feeling more and more insecure. The question which seems to have no answer is, What do we do about it?
How does one face an enemy who hides in the shadows and is everywhere and nowhere?

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