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22 October 2004

Hostage Margaret Hassan

Aid worker pleads for UK Iraq withdrawal

The aid worker said she did not want to 'die like Bigley'. Hostage Margaret Hassan has made an emotional appeal for British forces to withdraw from Iraq in a video broadcast on Aljazeera TV. "Please help me, please help me," Hassan, who works for aid agency Care International, was shown saying while crying. "This might be my last hour." "Please, the British people, ask Mr Blair to take the troops out of Iraq and not to bring them here to Baghdad ... That's why people like Mr Bigley and myself are being caught," she said, referring to British captive Kenneth Bigley, who was decapitated by his captors earlier this month. "Maybe ... I will die like Mr Bigley," Irish-born Hassan appealed, before burying her head in her hands in tears.

Hassan, has lived in Iraq for 30 years and holds Iraqi, Irish and British citizenship. She was kidnapped in Baghdad on Tuesday


This saga has no end in sight. Hostages kidnapped and then murdered for the world to see. The "Big Brother" show of the 21st century. It doesn't shock me anymore. Instead it leaves me so angry I can barely contain it. These cretins have gone way too far. Not only do they totally disregard the tenets of a religion they profess to follow but so to any other human standard of dignity and moral.

And for what?

They are obviously not stupid. They know that their demands will not be meet. So they do it for the shock value it has on those watching at home...

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