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12 October 2004

Fuel Prices in Portugal

Galp announced another rise in prices here in Portugal today. Petrol rises 1cent and Diesel rises two. Seems very clear to me that the rise in prices is not only related to the rise of crude on the world market, but is also a clear attempt to equalize the price of Petrol and Diesel. For a long time now, Diesel has been much cheaper but in the last year the gap has been steadily closing. Continuing current trend we are soon going to be paying the same for Petrol and Diesel. This is going to have a serious effect on the transport sectors. I suppose the only ones left smiling will be the auto-sellers for it is easier to sell the cheaper Petrol vehicle if the price of the fuel is the same.

A Galp Energia anunciou esta terça-feira o aumento dos preços do gasóleo em dois cêntimos e o das gasolinas em um cêntimo. TAP, Portugália e Air Luxor também aumentaram as tarifas."

(TSF Online)

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